IS Chagos to Madagascar

Best time:

May to June, September to October

Tropical storms:

November to April



May to JwIIl*. Sep:smber to October November to April

Intermediate Landfall Destination Distance (M)

IS362 Mauritius N Port Louis1 1145

Waypoints: Dipuriuir intermediate



Distance (M)

IS371 Egmont vwsjrjyE

15372 Saya

15373 Malhu mo''oo'E

IS374 Ambre N ir50'S, 49C15'E

Antseranana 12'16'S, 49'18'E


Although most cruising boats bound for South Africa continue to sail the traditional route via Mauritius, a route that goes through the Mozambique Channel is gathering popularity, especially as one is able to visit Madagascar on the way. From WPIS371, north of the Egmont Islands, in the SW part of the Chagos archipelago, the direct route to Cap d'Ambre, the northern point of Madagascar, cuts right through Saya de Malha Bank, an area of strong tidal sets and rips. To avoid the worst part of this area, and also to approach Madagascar from a better angle, an initial course should be set for WP IS372 and then WP IS373. The main reason for using the latter waypoint is to sail most of the remaining distance on the latitude of Cap d'Ambre. The purpose of this is that as the SE trade winds hit the mass of Madagascar, their direction becomes more southerly, therefore approaching the island from the east, rather than NE, ensures that the winds are met at a better angle. From WP IS373 a course can be set for WP IS374, six miles north of Cap d'Ambre. The nearest port of entry is at Antseranana, on the island's west coast.

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