IS Chagos to Mauritius

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Waypoints: Diparluri

IS361 Egmont 6'38'S, 71 M9'E

A windward passage during most of the SE trade wind season, this route can benefit from better winds at the beginning and end of winter, when the trade winds do not have too much south in them. It has been noticed that the stronger the SE trade winds, the more south there is in them and vice versa. Therefore it may be worth avoiding this route in July and August when the trade winds are known to be quite blustery. Boats that have made this passage in October have reported pleasant sailing conditions. If the winds are easterly, it is possible to call first at Rodriguez Island before continuing to Mauritius (see route IS32).

A good point of departure are the Egmont the course can be altered for WP IS353, north of St Anne Island in the approaches to Port Victoria, the capital located on Mahe, the main island of the group. Beacons lead through the reefs into the harbour. Having contacted the Port Authority on VHF channel 16, arriving yachts must anchor in the quarantine area north of Victoria lighthouse where they will be boarded for clearance.

Islands, in the SE part of the Chagos archipelago. From WP IS361, a direct course may be set for Mauritius. The route passes well to the east of Cargados Carajos Reef, which belongs to Mauritius. Boats which have not yet cleared into Mauritius are not allowed to stop there without prior permission. The route leads to WP IS362, three miles north of Round Island north of Mauritius. From there the course should be altered to sail along the NW coast to Port Louis, the island's main harbour. The Port Authority must be contacted on VHF channel 16 for permission to enter the port. Arriving yachts are normally directed to the customs dock.

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