IS Christmas Island to Cocos Keeling

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May to October November to April BA: 4070 US: 70 BA: 34, 44 US: 163,174




Disante (M)

IS311 Christmas W 10'25'S, 105'33'E

IS312 Keeling E 12'05'S, 97'00'E

Direcror 12'05.5'S,, 91


During the SE trade wind season the winds on this route are almost always favourable. Occasionally the trades cease to blow for a day, but periods of calms or light winds are usually short lived. The one unpleasant feature of this route is the large swell from the south or southwest. Because the wind blows from the SE and the swell is almost at right angles to the direction of the wind, the motion can be very uncomfortable and it can also be tough on selfsteering gears, which have sometimes broken under the strain of the violent motion.

A direct route links these two Australian possessions. From WP IS311, west of Christmas Island, a course should be set for WP IS312, six miles east of Direction Island on South Cocos. As the only powerful light is at the airport, on the SW side of the lagoon, the atoll should be approached

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