IS Mauritius to Seychelles

The SE trade winds provide fair winds on this route from May to October, although the weather tends to be occasionally squally. Cyclones affect the area around Mauritius from the middle of November until the end of April or even beginning of May, during which time it is best to avoid being in this area. As the route passes fairly close to the Cargados Carajos Reefs, some boats take the opportunity to stop at one of these small islands. They belong to Mauritius and permission to stop there should be obtained from the Fisheries Department of Mauritius before leaving Port Louis.

A direct course can be sailed all the way from Mauritius to Mahe, the main island of the

From WP IS531, outside St Pierre, an initial course can be set for WP IS532, so as to keep well outside the dangerous area south of Madagascar as described in the previous route. From WP IS532, the same directions apply as those described for route IS52.

Seychelles. Starting off from WP IS541, in the approaches to Port Louis, a course can be set first for WP IS542 so as to sail at least 20 miles west of Agalega Island and surrounding dangers. The route then passes through WP IS543 and continues towards Mahe passing close to the west of Coetivy Island, which should be approached with care as it has been reported to lie some 3 miles further west than its charted position. Landfall should be made at WP IS544, off Mahe's South Point. The course should be altered there to sail due north parallel to the coast to WP IS545, one mile SE of Cerf Passage. In good visibility this pass can be used to reach Port Victoria, otherwise it may be necessary

Best time:

June to September

Tropical storms:

November to April


BA: 4071 US: 702


BA: 39 US: 170, 171






Distance (M)

IS541 Mauritius NW

IS542 Agalega

20'08'S, 57'26'E,

10'00'S, 56'10'E

IS544 Mahé S

IS545 Mahé SE



4'49'S, 55'33'E

4C40'S, 55'33.5'E

4'36.5'S, 55'28'E

to carry on past St Anne Island and enter the island's main port through the beaconed shipping channel. Having contacted the Port Authority on

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