IS Routes from Australia

1511 Torres Strait to Darwin

1512 Torres Strait to Bali

1513 Darwin to Ambon

1514 Darwin to Bali

1515 Darwin to Christmas Island

1516 Western Australia to Cocos Keeling

1517 Western Australia to Bass Strait

Most boats on a world voyage only touch Northern Australia briefly before sailing on to Bali and beyond. Although a cruising permit is required for those wishing to visit the Indonesian archipelago, it is usually possible to make a stop in Benoa on the island of Bali, where the authorities appear to be more tolerant, although some people have had to pay a fine for stopping there without a permit. Benoa is therefore a favourite destination for most boats heading west, both those intending to continue their voyage through the North Indian Ocean and those taking the southern route via the Cape of Good Hope. The routes starting off from

Northern Australia are under the influence of the two monsoons. The SE monsoon, lasting from May until September, has the more pleasant weather as well as favourable winds. The NW monsoon coincides with the cyclone season in the tropical part of the South Indian Ocean, and for this reason few cruising boats stay in the areas affected by tropical storms between late November and March. During that time it may be tempting to sail to the southern part of Australia, which is under the influence of westerly winds for most of the year, but very few cruising boats venture that way.

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