IS Seychelles to Comoros

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Waypoints: Departure i

April to May November to April BA:4070 US: 72 BA: 39 US: 171




Distance (M)

Route IS42A

Knute IS42K IS420 Mahé N

15421 Descroches NE

15422 Descroches SW 5'42'S, 53:37'E

15423 Boudeuse 6'00'S, 52e51'E [IS424 Alphonse] 6C30'S, 53'00'E IS425 Cosmoiedo 10"00'S, 46'45'E

15426 Comoro N 11'25'S, 43'15'E

15427 Anjouan NW 12i08,S,44s25'E

15421 Descroches NE

15422 Descroches SW

15423 Boudeuse

IS428 Astrove IS429 Mayotte NE


Dzaoudzi 12'47'S, 45'15'E

854 803

Because of the various island groups and numerous reefs encountered on this route, and also the likelihood of strong headwinds at the height of the SE monsoon, when the direction of the wind becomes increasingly southerly as the Comoros are approached, most boats break up this passage into shorter stages by stopping at some of the islands en route. Because winds over 20 knots are the order of the day at the height of the SE trade wind season, the passage should be undertaken at the start of the season, although in April there is still the small risk of a late cyclone.

After leaving Port Victoria on the main island of Mahe, the course goes around the north of the island to WP IS420, north of North Point. From there the course can be set for WP IS421, NE of Descroches Island, one of the Amirante Islands, which has a well protected anchorage on its west side used by boats making this passage. From WP IS422, SW of Descroches Island, the route crosses the Amirante Bank to WP IS423, north of Boudeuse Cay. This section should only be done in good light; under any other conditions it would be safer to make for WP IS424 to pass east of Marie Louise Island and north of Alphonse Island.

Having left behind the last of these islands belonging to the Seychelles, there is a choice of routes to reach either the Comoros or Mayotte. Although the latter belongs geographically to the same group, as a French territory it is separate from the other Comoros, The direct route for the Comoros (IS42A) is sailed by setting course from WP IS423 for WP IS425. This route passes between Cosmoiedo Group and Assumption Island before the course is altered for WP IS426, north of Grand Comoro. The west coast of that island is then followed to the main port at Moroni. The only other official port of entry is Mutsamudu on Anjouan Island. To reach it, from WP IS425 the course should be altered for WP IS427.

A direct route can be sailed to Mayotte (IS42B) by setting a course from WP IS423 for WP IS428. The course can then be altered for WP IS429, in the approaches to Dzaoudzi, the official port of entry

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