IS Torres Strait to Darwin

Best time:

May to September

Tropical storms:

December to March


BA: 4603 US: 603


BA: 15. 17 US: 164,175

Cruising guides: .

Northern Territory Coast.






Distance (M)

IS111 Thursday

IS112 Coburg

[IS113 Dundas]



10=34'S, 142'06.5'E

10'30'S, 132:20'E 1S114 Batfurs: inO'S, 130WE '

11'11'S, 131 C38'E

ÍS115 Fourcroy

IS116 Charles



ir55'S, 129=55'E

12e21'S, 130'42'E

12'28'S, 130'51'E

During the SE monsoon, from the middle of April to the end of September or early October, winds on this route are mostly favourable. To reach Darwin there is a choice of either taking a short cut through the Van Diemen Gulf or by sailing around the west of Bathurst Island. Because of the strong tidal streams in Dundas and Clarence Straits, and the difficult navigation in the approaches to Darwin, the roundabout route is often quicker, although it is longer. Those who have more time available might prefer to cover the entire distance from the Torres Strait to Darwin in daily stages as there are plenty of good anchorages from Cape Arnhem onward.

Having reached the Arafura Sea, the route to Darwin is the same as that for boats which have followed the inshore route from North Queensland. From WP IS111, west of Thursday Island, at the western end of the Prince of Wales Channel, a westerly course is set which passes close to the north of Booby Island. By setting a course for WP IS112 the route avoids all dangers off the north coast of

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