IT Bali to Sri Lanka

This is a more direct route to reach the North Indian Ocean than route IT11 and is used mainly by those who are on their way to the Red Sea and wish to avoid sailing via Singapore and the Malacca Strait. If the port of departure is Bali it is best to head immediately offshore and sail south of Java. In September or early October the SE trade winds will provide favourable winds to about latitude 5 8S, but because winds tend to be more consistent further south it is advisable not to set a direct course for Sri Lanka until joins the direct route for the final approach to Singapore through Riouw Strait. A slightly more indirect route leads to Singapore from SW through Durian Strait and Phillip Channel.

Boats arriving in Singapore from the SE may find it easier to go to the anchorage off the Changi Yacht Club, NE of Singapore Island, and complete entry formalities from there. The alternative is the new Raffles Marina (1 °20.53'N, 103°38.22'E), on the west coast of Singapore Island. Yet another option is to go only as far as the new Nongsa Marina on Bintan Island.

longitude 95 °E has been reached, as both contrary winds and currents are more likely to be encountered closer to Sumatra. The transitional period from the SW to the NE monsoon provides the best conditions for this route. If the passage is made at the height of the SW monsoon, all necessary westing should be made south of latitude 5 °S, as strong westerly winds will make it very difficult to reach Sri Lanka on a direct course. During the SW monsoon route IT12A should be sailed.

Best time: Tropical storms: Charts:



September to mid-October

May to July, October to November (Bay of Bengal)

lllp^^ BA: 34, 38, 44 US: 163, 173. 174




Destination Distance (M)

Riuito 11 12A

IT121 BaliS 8'55'S, 115'12'E

IT122 Java SW 7°30'S. 105 WE 1T123

0'00'N. WQO'E

IT125 GalleS e'OO'N.SO'H'E

Magalle 2358 6'01.9'N. 80'13.7'E

Roll Li1 IT 1215

IT121 BaliS

IT122 Java SW IT126 Sumatra SW 4"30'S, 100'00'E IT127

O'OO', 96'30'E IT128 Dondra S'SO'N.SO^'E

IT129 Galle E 5a59'N; 80'15'E

Magalle 2343

From WP IT121, south of Benoa harbour, the route runs south of both Bali and Java to WP IT122. If SE winds persist, one should continue in the same direction to WP IT123. Depending on weather conditions, the equator should be crossed as far west as possible and in any case not sooner than meridian 85 °E has been reached (WP IT124). From this point a direct course can be set for Galle and WP IT125, south of Galle harbour which is entered through the Central Channel. The town of Galle is on the west side of the large bay, whereas the small port, where entry formalities are completed, is in the NE corner in Magalle.

This passage is not recommended during the NE monsoon when mostly contrary winds will be met,

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