IT Maldives to Chagos

Best time:

January to March

Tropical storms:

: None


BA: 4707 US: 707


BA: 38. 39 US: 170, 171





Destination Distance (M)

IT211 Wadu

IT212 Nilandhe

4'09'N, 73'20'E

3°20'N, 72*20'E


IT214 Peros W

Fouquet 607

: 0'00\ 72'30'E

5C13'S, 71 =45'E

5'26.6'S, 71'48.5'E

The best time to make this passage is during the NE monsoon when favourable winds will be found both north and south of the equator. From May to November the predominant direction of the winds is southerly and even during the transitional period boats have experienced a high proportion of southerly winds, so the only time when one can be sure of fair winds is at the height of the NE monsoon. Permission must be obtained from the authorities in Male if one wishes to visit the southern Maldives and possibly clear out at Addu, the southernmost atoll of the group.

Depending on the monsoon, the Maldives will be passed to the east or west. Because all islands are low and there are only a few navigational lights, navigation in the area is very difficult, the situation being compounded by the strong currents that sweep through the archipelago. For this reason, it is probably safer to sail in the lee of the islands. As it is assumed that the passage to Chagos will be made during the NE monsoon, the recommended route passes to the west of the islands.

Having left Male through Wadu Channel, from WPIT211, the course turns SW to pass through the channel between North Nilandhe and Ari Atolls. From WP IT212 the course turns S and crosses the equator in WP IT213. From there, the course continues almost due south to WP IT214, north of Peros Banhos in the Chagos Archipelago.

Diego Garcia, the main island of the group, is a military base leased by the British government to the USA and a stop in that island is only permitted in an emergency. However, boats can stop in most other islands of the Chagos Archipelago, Peros Banhos and the Salomon Islands being the most convenient stops for those arriving from the north. The recommended anchorage at Peros Banhos is in the lee of Fouquet Island, on the south side of the large lagoon.

Best time:

. November to March

Tropical storms:

i May to June, October

C'li Mil


! US: 170,171, 172

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