PN Pacific routes from Singapore

pn41 Singapore to the Gulf of Siam pn42 Singapore to Vietnam pn43 Singapore to Hong Kong pn44 Singapore to the Philippines pn45 Singapore to North Borneo

The majority of cruising boats arrive in Singapore either from the south, through Indonesia, or the NW through the Malacca Strait, and most leave by the same routes. Very few venture eastward from Singapore, although there is an increasing traffic of locally owned yachts, some of which commute between the various regional yacht races, such as

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the annual King's Cup Regatta in Phuket or the Hong Kong to Manila Race. The gradual opening of Vietnam to foreign tourism will undoubtedly attract more cruising boats to that area. An equally interesting cruising area is the north coast of Borneo. The Philippines are another area waiting to be visited by more cruising boats. The compulsory cruising permit for Indonesia discourages short cruises between Singapore and its southern neighbour, but an casing of restrictions is already underway and a few Indonesian islands close to Singapore can now be visited without a cruising permit.

PN40 Pacific routes from Singapore

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