PN Philippines to Palau

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January to March

May to December

BA: 781

US: 524

US: 126.162

Landfalls of Paradise.

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Kmilcl'NriX PN551 Babuyan 18'45'N, 122'20'E

PN552 Palau W 7'32'N, 134'28'E


7*20% 134 "27'E


as the winds become more easterly south of 20 °S. Favourable winds will be found along most of the way and even the doldrums should not be too wide at the recommended time of year.

Boats leaving from Puerto Ayora, on Santa Cruz Island, from WP PS121, east of Punta Estrada, should sail a course due south which passes east of Floreana Island. On this course, depending on existing weather conditions, the equator will be crossed at WP PS122. As mentioned earlier, an area to be avoided if passing south of the Galapagos is between longitudes 90 °W and 95 °W and latitudes 3"S and 8°S where several yachts have reported unpleasant weather conditions. The area appears to be an extension of the doldrums with little or no wind, thundery squalls, and a heavy swell which makes conditions very uncomfortable. To avoid

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