PN Philippines to Singapore

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January to March May to December BA:4508 US: 524

BA: 30, 31, 33, 44 US: 157, 160, 161





Destination ;

Distance (M)

PN511 Melville 7,35'N, 117'00'E

PN512 Luconia 4'20'N, 112'30'E PN513

3C30% 108'25'E

PN514 Channel M 1'25'N, 104'25'E


1° 16% 103'50'E

PN511 Melville

PN512 Luconia PN515 Api 1:35'N, 108'35'E

PN514 Channel M



welcome during the SW monsoon when contrary winds and currents make this passage slow and

This passage is usually made either direct from Manila Bay or from one of the ports further north along the west coast of Luzon. Whichever point of departure is chosen, the passage presents no problems during the NE monsoon, when favourable conditions can be expected for the entire passage, although the winds can be quite strong. The best time to do this passage is from mid-December to mid-March. During the remainder of the year, particular attention must be paid to tropical depressions forming in the South China Sea or even further afield, as these can develop into fully fledged typhoons before a safe harbour can be reached.

Pratas Reef should be given a wide berth, and unless the weather is clear and settled it should not be passed too close on its windward side. During the NE monsoon, when strong winds and overcast skies can last for several days, vessels approaching

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