PN Singapore to Vietnam

Similar directions apply as for route PN41 as far as the Tioman Islands, if a stop there is intended. The best time to sail to Vietnam is the same as for the Gulf of Siam as sailing anywhere in this area should be timed to take full advantage of the two monsoons: NE monsoon in winter (December to April) and SW monsoon in summer (May to October).

Boats intending to sail direct to Vietnam, on leaving the Strait of Singapore through the North Channel, from WP PN421 course is set for WP PN422, W of Con Son Island, in the approaches to the channel leading through the shallow waters of the Mekong Delta. Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon, stands on the west bank of the Song Sai

From there the course can be altered for WP PN414, near Ko Phai light and Bangkok Pilot Station, in the approaches to Bangkok (Krung Thep) at the entrance to the buoyed channel leading across Bangkok Bar. The busy port of Bangkok has spread on both shores of the Chao Phraya river and can hardly be recommended as a cruising destination in itself. Visiting boats should head for Pattaya, where the Royal Varuna Yacht Club is based, and complete entry formalities with the help of the Yacht Club.

Gon river. The Vietnamese capital is about 40 miles from the sea and access to it is by one of two dredged channels. Anchorage in the river is prohibited except well away from the city. At the time of writing, Vietnam was still out of bounds for cruising yachts but there were already signs that there would be an easing of restrictions in the not too distant future. It is therefore advisable to check out the situation before leaving Singapore because even if one is not allowed to cruise in Vietnam, it may be possible to obtain permission to stop in one of the ports on the east coast, which could be a great help for boats on passage to or from Hong Kong.

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