PS Galapagos to Gambier Islands

this area, if SW winds are encountered on leaving the Galapagos, it would be better to stay on the starboard tack and keep east of meridian 90 "W, even if it means temporarily diverting from the direct route. Depending on weather conditions, a course can then be set to make landfall at Easter Island at WP PS123 north of the island's North Cape. The NW coast should be followed to the main settlement of Hanga Roa. The small port at nearby Hanga Piko, south of Hanga Roa, has been improved recently allowing a few keeled boats to find shelter. The Port Captain should be contacted on VHF channel 16 on arrival and he will meet the boat outside the port. Because of the rapidly changing weather, boats at anchor should never be left unattended at Easter Island.


Cruising guides: Ww m I Mi:


April to October December 10 Mr.rch BA..1061 4352 US: 62, 621

US: 122,125,126

Landfalls of Paradise, Charlie's Charts of Polynesia.



PS 132

PS'3-i Mancireva SE P.iiuea 23'20'S, 134'50'W 23°D7'S, 134'58'W


This route eschews the well sailed route to the Marquesas and allows one to reach French Polynesia from the SE rather than the NE. Instructions are similar to those for the route from Galapagos to Easter Island, with the added advantage that as the Gambier Islands lie so much further to the west, the SE trades provide an even better slant for this route which crosses one of the most deserted areas of the world. A great circle course can be set as soon as steady SE trade winds are found. During the southern winter (May to September), they often reach as far north as the Galapagos themselves.

In order to avoid an area of confused seas and little wind south of the Galapagos Islands, lying between longitudes 90 eW and 95 °W and latitudes 36S and 8°S, boats leaving from Puerto Ayora

(Academy Bay), from WP PS131, east of Punta Estrada, should set an initial course for WP PS132 and thence to WPPS133. From there, a great circle course can be set for WP PS134, SE of Mangareva lagoon. Because of the reeis extending to windward on the east side of the large lagoon, Mangareva should not be approached from the east, but from the SE. From WP PS134 the course goes west roughly parallel to the line of reefs and enters the lagoon through Southwest Pass. Entry formalities in the Gambier can be completed at Rikitea, the settlement on Mangareva, the main island of the group.

A tempting stop on the way and close to the recommended route is the island of Pitcairn (25 °04'S, 130°06'W), whose isolated community is always happy to welcome passing yachts.

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