PS Queensland to Fiji

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April to June December to March BA:4602 US: 602 BA: 15,61 US: 126, 127

Yachtsman's Fiji, Landfalls of Paradise. Intermediate Landfall

llllilpliillilliilli Destination

Dhhnu I" f.Wi

Ruulo I'S UMA

PS1041 Stradbroke

PS1042 Norfolk S

PS1045 Navula



27"25'S, 153'35'E

30'00'S, leßWE

17'55'S, 177'10'E

17J36'S, 177'26'E

Route PS 1IUH

PS1041 Stradbroke


23'10'S, 166"50'E


PS1044 Kune

PS1045 Navula



22'52'S. 167'37'E


PS1041 Stradbroke


PS1044 Kune

PS1046 Vatulele N

PS1047 Daveta



18'25'S, 177'35rE

18'12'S. 178:23.5'E

18'09'S, 178"26'E

remain south of the latitude of Norfolk Island until past that island. If consistent headwinds are met while in the vicinity of Norfolk, a stop can be made there. The anchorage at Kingston (29VVS, 167"59'E) is not considered safe and should be left if the weather threatens to deteriorate.

Preferably one of the ports in South Queensland should be taken as a departure port. From WP PS 1041, off Stradbroke Island, the initial course goes to WP PS1042, south of Norfolk Island. From there, the course should start curving NE. If a direct course can be sailed from WP PS1042 to Fiji, attention must be paid to Theva-i-ra Reef, also known as Conway Reef (21 °44'S, 174°38'E), which will be passed closely. Having made landfall off Navula Passage, at WP PS1045, that pass will be taken through the reef into Nadi Waters and on to Lautoka to complete entry formalities into Fiji.

Depending on weather conditions and the windward performance of the boat in question, a

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