PS Routes from New South Wales

ps91 New South Wales to Nexv Zealand 350

ps92 New South Wales to New Caledonia 351

ps93 New South Wales to Fiji 352

ps94 New South Wales to Vanuatu 353

Australian sailors have the entire South Pacific on their doorstep, yet reaching most of the Pacific islands is seldom easy, as the winds between the east coast of Australia and the island groups to the east are usually contrary. For this reason most Australians setting off on a world voyage prefer to leave the South Pacific until the end of their trip when most of the sailing will be downwind. For those whose plans are less ambitious than a circumnavigation of the world, the accepted practice is to sail first to New Zealand, which makes a much better stepping off point for a cruise among the South Sea islands than Australia itself. Shorter cruises from Australia's east coast lead across the Coral Sea, the more southern destinations, such as New Caledonia, being reached directly, whereas for destinations in Papua New Guinea it is usually better to stay for a while inside the Great Barrier Reef before taking an offshore route.

PS90 Routes from New South Wales

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