PS Routes from Queensland

ps101 Queensland to New Zealand 355

ps102 Queensland to New Caledonia 355

ps103 Queensland to Vanuatu 356

ps104 Queensland to Fiji 357

ps105 Queensland to Solomon Islands 358

ps106 Queensland to Papua New Guinea 359

ps107 North Queensland to Darwin 360

PS100 Routes from Queensland

A tropical climate, the Great Barrier Reef, and almost unlimited cruising opportunities have turned Queensland into a favourite destination not only among foreign sailors but also Australian ones. The one major disadvantage are the tropical cyclones which affect both Queensland and the surrounding region, with the exception of Papua New Guinea north of approximately latitude 10°S. The critical period is December to the end of March when cruising should be kept to a minimum and one should always be within easy reach of a safe harbour. From April onwards the weather is good, with strong and steady SE trade winds. In July and August particularly, the winds can be quite strong and so it is recommended that, especially in winter, the Queensland coast should be cruised from south to north.

Although the main routes are northbound and thus benefit from the prevailing winds, those who intend to sail east across the Coral Sea should plan to do so either before or after the onset of the SE trade winds which blow most consistently between

May and September. Usually in early April the trade winds are not yet fully established and east-bound passages are easier to accomplish. Passages after the end of October should be avoided because of the danger of early cyclones. The

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