RN Northbound routes

rnl Bab el Mandeb to Port Sudan rn2 Bab el Mandeb to Massawa rn3 Bab el Mandeb to Hodaida rn4 Port Sudan to Suez

RN Northbound routes

Regardless of the time of year, northbound boats usually have to contend with contrary winds for at least half their passage up the Red Sea. Therefore it is difficult to recommend a preferred time of year, especially as the Red Sea passage is usually a continuation of a voyage, the timing of which has been decided by other factors. Most boats undertake their northbound voyage at the end of winter, between February and April, usually after having crossed the North Indian Ocean during the NE monsoon. Although NW winds prevail in the northern half of the Red Sea throughout the year, these tend to be lighter in spring than in winter, making April one of the best months for the northbound voyage. Another advantage of a late March or April passage is that the Mediterranean is reached as the weather starts getting warmer and the cruising season begins. Although the headwinds of the Red Sea have become something of a

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