The Southeast trade winds

Because the Intertropical Convergence Zone is situated north of the equator throughout the year, it may be said that the South Atlantic Ocean does not have a doldrums zone. The SE trade winds are more constant than their North Atlantic counterpart, the NE trades. They form the equatorial side of the air circulation around the oceanic anticyclone, which is situated between latitudes 22 °S and 30 °S and has a direct bearing on the winds and weather of the entire tropical South Atlantic.

The SE trade winds extend as far as the equator during the southern winter and their northern limit retreats by a few degrees to the south in the summer after December. Their southern limit extends normally to a line joining the Cape of Good Hope to the Brazilian island of Trinidade. Their direction varies from being SE or SSE on the eastern side of the ocean to become almost easterly in the western part. The average strength of the SE trades is 15 knots, but they diminish in strength towards the equator.

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