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Tite Development Of Tiie Sailing Ship From The Eighth Century To The Year

The custom of some writers concerning mediaev sh ps to deplore the existing information as being too scanty to afford us any adequate dea as to vessels that sailed the seas during the first half of the middle age. For myself I think that such a statement cannot be maintained. out. Three others are ready to row as soon as m deep water, whde another saiior is stepping the mast. The sh'p next to her has a backstay and brestay as well as shrouds. Behind her she tows a small rowing boat for going ashore. Some excitemcnt appears to be going on aboard her .judging by the man forward of the mast who is shouting to ie lelmsman possibly informing him that they are getting into shoal-water, for the man n the bows seen to be sounding with a pole. Notice that a part of the crew has collected aft, the sheets having been eased. In the next ship it is clcarly shown that these sailors have come to the stern in order to put thrir weight on to the shrouds so that the mast may be lowered away gently. The...

Digitized by Microsoft B

They were propelled by rowers instead of by paddlers, as in all the previous examples. There were fifteen rowers on each side, and, allowing four feet for the distance between each seat, and taking account ot the length of the over-hanging portions at bow and stern, the length of each vessel could have been little short of a hundred feet. They were apparently decked over and provided with raised cabins at the two extremities. The projections marked along the sides may indicate the ends of beams, or they may, as some writers have supposed, have been pieces of timber against which the oars could be worked in narrow and shallow water

An Island Unto Themselves

Michelle Elvy is a writer and sailor who left her home waters of the Chesapeake in 2002 and has been living on her boat ever since, along with her husband and two daughters. They are currently in New Zealand. You can read more about life aboard Momo at http

Practical Boatsailing

Remain, sometimes for hours, til floated off whilst w ith the centre-board, upon touching any danger or shoal, the board is hauled up, and the boat that a moment before drew, perhaps, six feet of water, now draws but one foot, allowing one to go about, or steer to one side, and avoid the obstacle, and get home in time for supper. In short, in the opinion of the writer, it is only for outside use, and for a larger class of vessels than this book will treat of, that the keel boat is needed. in different situations. But this kind of ballast is mostly used in racing, anil even then is sometimes apt to get out of order, and not work well and the writer would advise one to stick to iron, lead, gravel, or sand as superior.

Authors Gallery of Photos

Peep Hen Sailboat

In 1984, two partners and I launched Sailor magazine, a national bi-weekly periodical, concentrating on meaty stories about sailing people, boats, and gear. Besides being general manager of the enterprise, I also did considerable writing, some photography, and artwork. When Sailor ceased publication in 1986, I continued pursuing that career as a writer and illustrator of articles and books about yachting. Among my clients, for several of whom I became a contributing editor, were Yachting magazine

Stllj Fishermans knot

The fisherman's knot should not be confused with the fisherman's bend (which is actually a hitch, see page 28), They are quite different knots. This knot was invented during the 19th century, although some writers have suggested that it may have been known to the Ancient Greeks. It is formed from two identical

Depart Depart from Solid Earth

Despite its unprofitable, uncomfortable, and boring aspects, sailing still offers the sailor a mini-adventure that is rare in this age of sloth. An outstanding narrative of the rich rewards of sailing is Joshua Slocum's Sailing Alone Around the World (1899). Writer Arthur Ransome's critique of this extraordinary work, Boys who do not like this book

History And Facts

Famous figures have colored the island's history, including American writer Jack London and French circumnavigator Alain Gerbault, who is buried on Bora Bora. The island was much influenced by film stars and movie crews of two productions filmed locally. Tabu was filmed in 1928, mostly on Motu Tapu by director F.W. Murnau. In 1977, Hurricane was made by director Dino de Laurentiis, who brought several hundred film crew members to the island, monopolizing its resources and even constructing a new hotel, The Marara, to house personnel.

Digitized by Microsoft

In one other instance a writer cites a document in which one of these many-banked ships is mentioned as having been in existence during his lifetime. The author in question was Polybios, one of the most painstaking and accurate of the ancient historians, who was born between 314 and 204 B.C., and who quotes a treaty between Rome and Macedon concluded in 197 B.C., in which a Macedonian ship of sixteen banks is once mentioned. This ship was brought to the Tiber thirty years later, according to Plutarch and Pliny, who are supposed to have copied a lost account by Polybios. Both Plutarch and Pliny were born more than two centuries after this event. If the alleged account by Polybios had been preserved, it would have been unimpeachable authority on the subject of this vessel, as this writer, who was, about the period in question, an exile in Italy, was tutor in the lamily of Emilius Paulus, the Roman general who brought the ship to the Tiber. inventories of tlie ancient dockyard of the...

Dan Dickison

The boats may be the stars of Dicki-son's story on the NY 32 class's 70th anniversary, but it's the people involved that deserve the credit. I was really impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the people engaged in the class, he says. Included among this group is Olin Stephens who designed the boat seven decades ago and still sails occasionally aboard Falcon. While Dickison enjoys writing about the classics, when it comes to his own sailing, the 50-year-old freelance writer enjoys more modern boats. He races regularly on a 70-foot turbo sled, a Melges 32, and a Melges 24.

Bodrum Town

Not only is Bodrum the major center of yachting along the Aegean coast, it's a captivating town historically, permeated by an atmosphere of friendliness and liveliness. It's long been known as a center for writers, artists, and intellectuals. In fact, the ancient town was the birthplace of Herodotus, known as the father of history. Dissident writers occasionally were sent here for exile somewhat akin to being banished to the C te d'Azur or Monterey Peninsula, we'd say


Every issue of Caribbean Travel & Life is devoted to bringing paradise right to your doorstep Whether it's undiscovered beaches, the best luxury resorts, or the finest sailing destinations, our veteran writers have been there and bring back all that is special in the Caribbean. With Caribbean Travel & Life as your guide, find the places, the people and the adventures that will make your visit to the Caribbean unforgettable.


These rules will give the reader some idea, but they were often ignored. One only has to think of a ship rearmed with guns other than its original armament (for instance with short 24-pound pieces instead of long 18-pounders). The ports would be smaller and the carriages lower than the regulation dimensions. Then there was the strange habit, followed by many foundries, of casting the guns with low trunnions. When trunnions were low, their axis was no longer in line with that of the bore, but about one third of the barrel section below it, so when the gun was fired a torque was created which increased the tendency of the front wheels to kick up. We do not know what advantages outweighed this and many eighteenth century writers on artillery agreed in condemning this practice. The shape of the carriage for guns with low trunnions was slightly different from the others.

Foreign Relations

This most sensitive issue is extremely vexing to Turkey today. Turkey has been thoroughly criticized by both the European Parliament and other human rights activist groups such as Amnesty International for treatment of political prisoners of extremist groups as well as prisoners of conscience sentenced by the 1980 military regime. Also imprisoned were some intellectuals, notably 23 members of the Turkish Peace Association, composed of prominent writers, journalists, artists, and jurists. In March 1986, military appeals court overturned a 3-year-old lower court verdict and these individuals were released. Turkey has come a long way since 1980 in restoring individual rights.

Abner Kingman

Though it was no fault of its own, the 52-foot Yankee proved a difficult subject for photographer and writer Kingman. We cancelled the photo shoot four times, says Kingman, a 37-year-old who lives in Tiburon, Calif. It's just winter in San Francisco. Too much wind a couple of times, and then we waited and waited on the wind. Getting the words, however, was easier. There are an endless number of stories that are fun because there's some degree of irreverence. It's served not only as a boat to race and sail, but a boat to really live on. It's hosted dinner parties since the 1920s.


Among the more than 2,000 architecturally and historically significant buildings that have been restored are the Juliette Gordon Low House, birthplace of the founder of the Girl Scouts of America the Flannery O'Connor House, childhood home of the macabre Southern writer and the Scarbrough House, built in 1819 for an investor in the SS Savannah, the first steamship to cross the Atlantic. Appropriately, the Scarbrough House now houses the Ships of the Sea Museum with its fascinating collection of models and maritime artifacts.

Leopard Catamarans

Iolaire Ship Plans

Don was never a man of great means, and he supported himself and his family with his multiple roles as insurance agent, sail agent, freelance magazine writer, and author of cruising guides that set the genre for the Caribbean and many other regions. He also ran Iolaire as a charter boat, which couldn't have been easy, especially if the patchwork exterior was any indication of her condition belowdecks.


1810, after a long period of decline, there were only 5,000 inhabitants left. Later in the 19th century, several European countries vied for control of Tanger, including France, Spain, Britain and Germany. In 1906 Tanger was given a special international status as a 'free port This lapsed when Morocco gained independence. Apart from Moroccans, the population at the time was a cosmopolitan mix of European and American writers, artists, bankers and entrepreneurs. In 1956, the international status ended and the banks and companies moved back to Europe but 'langer has still retained some of the cosmopolitan character from those days.

Ackn Owledg Em Ents

Special thanks go to Julius Wilensky with whom I had the great pleasure working, and who bestowed his faith in me as a writer. He is without question one of the all time sailing greats in the cruising world, and shared with us much information that he had picked up cruising in Belize. Also special thanks to Beth La Croix and the entire staff at Personalized Services in Belize City.